Nov 14

You can choose to participate in and shape the agriculture and food system.

You can choose to participate in and shape the agriculture and food system or you will be forced to eat what it decides to produce.

But there’s another democracy that runs in parallel with our elected officials.  It is the marketplace.  While we can decry the influence of multinational corporations on the goods that are offered and the policies of government. We can use the very tools of those imperial capitalists to subvert their purpose. We have a vote with our dollars every day.  When it comes to food, three times a day.  Nobody can cancel your vote.  Your vote isn’t meaningless if your choice doesn’t get the largest market share.  Nobody forces you to eat what the highest market share producer produces from now until the next election.  Your vote for alternatives will serve to reinforce the availability of those alternatives.  If you’re able, willingly pay a premium for the alternatives that you believe to be the healthiest, sustainable choice, knowing that your willingness to pay the premium will eventually attract new producers and the premium will diminish. That’s the way the capitalist system works. We can’t legislate what we want but we sure as hell can starve the enemy to death.  Withholding dollars from corporations is equivalent to withholding oxygen from people.

Harry Stoddart, Real Dirt: An Ex-Industrial Farmer’s Guide to Sustainable Eating.

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