Nov 13

We can choose to feed the world…

We can choose to feed the world. People shouldn’t be starving now. We produce enough calories to feed everyone now. We produce enough calories to feed the 9 billion now. We choose not to.

There’s another angle to the Malthus arguments resurfacing at this point in history. Call me cynical but the arguments have resurfaced in earnest at exactly the same time we have a commodities bubble growing. A lot of capital has moved into agricultural commodities and agricultural input commodities in the last several years. The Malthus argument is an excellent story to explain why food is a good investment. This is the third run up in agricultural commodities that I’ve witnessed since I started farming. Both times previously, the “experts” said we had achieved a new pricing plateau. They were wrong. The start of this bubble was fuelled by the ethanol subsidies driving corn demand up. It’s continued because speculators have made some nice coin on the run-up.

Harry Stoddart, Real Dirt: An Ex-Industrial Farmer’s Guide to Sustainable Eating, 2013

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